Good cooking and tradition in the restaurants of Ravenna’s shores

Good Italian cooking is synonymous with high-quality, tradition, genuineness and health. Besides food, the keys to the success of Italian gastronomic culture are traditional warm hospitality, high-quality services and excellent wines all restaurants offer guests flocking here.

The Lidos of Ravenna propose traditional specialities from Romagna, such as homemade piadina and pasta. Not to be missed are traditional local staples, such as “orecchioni”, large tortellini-shaped pasta, “tardura”, an egg-based soup, risotto with “poveracce”, that is to say local clams, passatelli, cabbage from Romagna, cappelletti, lasagne, mushrooms and truffles from the local pinewood forest and chicken from the marshlands.

Not to be missed are fish specialities, such as the local fish soup and grilled anchovies, sardines and mackerels, which are very appreciated along the whole of the Riviera Romagnola.

Restaurants and trattorias in the Lidos of Ravenna offer guests the possibility to taste delicious traditional specialities and tasty recipes while enjoying comfortable and fine environments.


Cala Celeste
Viale Verdi, 130
Tel. +39 0544 494335
Viale Italia, 198
Tel. +39 0544 446040
Cucina Retrò
Viale Italia, 72
Tel. +39 0544 448277
I Monelli
Piazza Torino, 1
Tel. +39 0544 447290
La Paranza
Viale Francesco Petrarca, 345
Tel. +39 0544 494831
La Piscina
Via Vivaldi, 5
Tel. +39 0544 939205
Via Sinistra Canale Molinetto, 139/b
Tel. +39 0544 430248
Osteria Moriconi
Via dell'Ancora, 6
Tel. +39 0544 437365
Sa Fet A Que?
Via Vivaldi, 29
Tel. +69 0544 939454
Salsedine 367
Via Marradi, 367
Tel. +39 0544 949400
Veranda sul Mare
Viale Italia, 117
Tel. +39 0544 446132


Cento Pizze
Via delle Nasse, 21
Tel. +39 0544 437321
Via Marabina, 215
Tel. +39 0544 494089

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