The best nightclubs and venues on the beaches of Ravenna

The Club managers who are aimed at providing high-quality services must keep up-to-date on the latest news and trends concerning clubs, fashion musts, out-living and lifestyles.

These pages display a wide and detailed selection of clubs, pubs and discos, as well as updated information which give guests the possibility to take part in unforgettable evening parties.

Regardless of personal styles and attitudes, these pages gather glamorous clubs, all music genres proposed by local discos and plenty of clubs which give guests the possibility to meet people and strike up new friendships.

The Lidos of Ravenna offer the lovers of night clubs and those looking for amazing evenings here a remarkably wide array of different clubs, atmospheres and lifestyles.

Disco pub

BBK Loops
Lungomare Colombo 171
Tel. +39 333 3101393
Viale delle Nazioni 58
Tel. +39 0544 530945
Touchè Santafè
Viale delle Nazioni 180
Tel. +39 333 3101393


Ghinea Pub
Via Trieste 356
Tel. +39 0544 530215


Viale delle Nazioni 129
Tel. +39 0544 530311

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